The Big One: Writing a Dissertation

50% of students who start a Ph.D. program don't finish. What can we do about it?

14 Aug 2017

Wicked fresh new episode, y'all!

Why do people from other places talk funny?

02 Aug 2017

Do You, Um, Like, Hate Filler Words?

What's uhhhhh going on with "filler words"?

14 Jun 2017

Writing About Trauma

How can we use writing to work with trauma?

17 Apr 2017

Your Life in Five Paragraphs

Are you scared to let go of the five paragraph essay??

22 Mar 2017

Call Me They

What is singular "they," and how does it help fix a hole in the English language?

09 Mar 2017

Free Knowledge!

What is open access and how is it challenging the way we think about the distribution of knowledge?

30 Nov 2016

Citations (not the traffic kind)

What the butt is going on with citations? Davis calls up the MLA to find out.

09 Nov 2016

Publish or Perish

What do your professors do when they aren't grading your papers?

27 Oct 2016

In Defense of the Listicle

Some say the listicle is a plague. We say it's a tool.

12 Oct 2016

Get Off My Lawn

Why are some people jerks about grammar?

28 Sep 2016

Don't Fear the Blank Page

What is writer's block and how do we get over it?

20 Mar 2016